Empowering To Excel

Are you an adult over age 18?  If YES, continue; If NO, you may qualify for our youth program –Click Here

Do you have children in your home?    If YES,  you may qualify for our youth program –Click Here; If NO, continue

Are you currently experiencing ongoing struggles with any of the following life skills?

  • Decision making     •  Problem solving    •   Creative thinking/lateral thinking
  • Critical thinking/perspicacity     •   Effective communication
  • Interpersonal relationships   •   Self awareness/mindfulness  •   Assertiveness
  • Empathy   •   Equanimity  • Coping with stress, trauma and loss   •  Resilience

If YES, look no further, you are in the right place.  

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Empowering to Excel (ETE) seeks to provide opportunities to bridge the gap for underserved adults. We are dedicated to the development of our community through adult mentorship and exposure. We believe we will serve as a catalyst of change in their future endeavors.

ETE Missions

  • To enhance quality of life, teach self-sufficiency and restore broken and impoverished communities.
  • To Equip People with Positive Alternatives, Encourage Higher Education, and Produce Leaders in the Community.

ETE Vision

To encourage, promote, an teach self-sufficiency and resurrect a community of people heavily burdened by the hardships of a steadily declining economy The people we serve will go on to live successful lives and impart into others what they have learned. Our community will consist of people sharing education and access to resources as a method of community building.